Where Did You Go Today?

During these last days of autumn with the leaves falling, and the pumpkins on the front steps have a coating of frost some mornings; it’s the perfect time to pause and think about how we’ve been spending our days, and how we will spend them going forward in order to have a fuller and more meaningful life.

So, I ask each of you, where did you go today?

If your answer was ‘I didn’t go anywhere’, or ‘I just went to work’, then I challenge you to add another outing to your day. Unfortunately, I too often hear those answers especially from women who have “empty nest syndrome” because their kids are away at college or live in another city. Remember when you were so busy each day with the kids? Volunteering at the school, getting involved in the community, going to watch soccer and baseball games? Between kids and work you probably felt that you never had a moment alone, and you were likely exhausted most of the time. So while it’s healthy to spend some quiet downtime at home, staying home too often is a trap that you cannot let yourself fall into because that’s not you living a full and meaningful life.

I understand that it may be a challenge at first to learn how to fill your time with meaningful activities, but it’s worth the effort because to stay in the house or to go to work and then return directly home is not living your life to the fullest. This is the time in your life for you to find your passion (if you haven’t already figured that out). Maybe it’s volunteering to help others, or maybe it’s a hobby. Perhaps it’s getting a job if you haven’t worked in some years, or even joining an activity group or taking a class at the local community college. Go to a museum, or out to lunch with friends. Take a walk in the park or join a gym and go swimming. If you’re really stuck for something to do, go to the mall and window shop (as long as you control your impulse to buy!) or watch a movie matinee. Even a trip to the library or the local coffee shop will get you out of the house and mingling with other people.

We are so lucky that each day we have the opportunity to better our lives, but only some of us take advantage of that fact. It’s time to start being a better you and that time starts today. Send me an email and let me know what you did today because I want you to be the best you can be every day and to live a full and meaningful life!

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